Proxy Configuration



If you have a SOCKS proxy, you can enter the information in this section.  Username and password are not required by KD, but may be required by your proxy.  KD will use this proxy for all connections to network IP addresses.   Please note that this is different from (and less common than) HTTP proxy settings, which are in another section.




If you want KD to use RadianZ IPs or a private mapping of internal IPs, you can set that here.







If you have an HTTP proxy, you can set this up here.  KD will try to automatically detect the settings, but not all setups are supported.  The best way to set these properly is to open up Windows’ Internet Options, go to the Connections tab, and click LAN Settings:


internet options


This will bring up another dialog:


ie lan settings


Match your LAN settings with the descriptions below to see if you need to configure KD:


Automatically detect settings

KD cannot detect proxy information in this setting.  Check with your IT department to get either an automatic configuration script or a proxy IP and port.


Use automatic configuration script

KD cannot detect this setting.  Copy the script address to the corresponding section in the KD configuration screen:

http pac


Use a proxy server for your LAN

KD can auto-detect this setting.  Optionally, you can copy and paste to the KD Configuration:

http manual


None Selected

In this case, you can choose either “Use browser settings” or “Direct Connection” in the KD configuration.



If your HTTP proxy requires authentication, you can enter your credentials here:




General Settings


general settings



KD tries to allocate 1024MB of memory by default.  If this does not work for your setup, you can check “Use custom memory settings” and enter a custom minimum and maximum value.  Please note that if you set the maximum too low, KD can run out of memory.  If you set it higher than your machine can support, KD will reset the settings and restart.




This is an advanced option that should not be changed unless recommended by KD Support.



You can send your KD logs from any configuration screen by using this button.



Server Set Settings

This is an advanced option that should not be changed unless recommended by KD Support.


Test Connections

Here you can test your connection to the login servers.  Click the “Test” button below to run the test.


connection test