IP and Port Setup Detail

Why does KD require several IP and Port ranges?


The IP ranges are in place to serve data via SSL for various services concurrently including market data, order routing, charting detail, etc. These services run over separate SSL connections so that data flow on one service does not impact flow of another - orders may reach the market as quickly as possible without interference from market data, etc.  Each functional set, is distributed across multiple ports to host many customers simultaneously.  If a particular server goes down, the client is automatically forwarded to a new service.  Additionally, these services are housed in different locations to preclude outages to customers in the unlikely instance of a significant disruption or disaster and one particular location.    We ask customers to open a range of ports so we have the flexibility to add new services, and better balance our customer load on the fly without further disruption to the customer and to avoid a delay while we wait for numerous security teams to react to requests for additional firewall changes.